Client Services

We are a strategy and HR consultancy that helps world-class companies recruit, retain, and maximize the performance of young talent under 30. If you are not 100% satisfied, you get 105% of your money back.

Current Assessment

Professional interviews and surveys with your current employees, recruiters, and hiring managers. External brand assessment through surveying of young talent outside the organization. Quantitative and qualitative insights to back up what you have done well and reveal areas for improvement.

Recruiting + Screening

Design of resource-conscious, highly targeted candidate sourcing plans. Creation of media assets and creative content to promote your employment brand. Insights into how to screen candidates to get the best. Strategies to make sure candidates can no longer deceive you or misrepresent themselves.

Retention + Performance

84% of surveyed hiring managers believe they should be getting higher performance from young hires. Designing orientation, training, and development programs to quickly increase performance. Auditing workplace environment and culture for potential areas of improvement.

I think we are in a league of our own. Nobody can compete with this firm on knowing how young people work, how they want to work, and how organizations can get them to work harder.

Jerry Zhang, Managing Partner and CEO

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