About Finchway

We are a young, dynamic consultancy that helps world-class clients recruit, retain, and maximize the performance of young talent under 30.

The Finchway Promise

We are hard on ourselves and refuse to do anything but exceed expectations. All of our work is backed up by the Finchway Promise. Unless you are 100% satisfied, 105% of your money will be returned.

The team consists only of consultants under 30, who understand the current landscape of the millennial workforce. We maintain a standard of at least 70% of our staff being engineers to maintain a problem-solving mindset that is measured and systematic.

When you are looking at the multi-million dollar question of young talent, it only makes sense to hire the firm that specializes in it.

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Our Core Principles

With the principles that all of our work is based on, you know what to expect when you hire Finchway.

Combining data and intuition

An intuitive grasp of millennial behaviour and psychology is supplemented by hard data and research customized to your organization’s needs.

Practical and cost-effective

HR should not be spoken about in abstractions. We create concrete solutions that can be executed immediately and without extravagant resources.

Sharp focus on business objectives

We work to understand your business’s unique objectives and how young talent can be part of the equation to achieve them.